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Everyone dreams of working on a cruise ship.  It is truly an experience of a lifetime...a chance to see the world while getting paid!

Is it the warm thoughts of sun and sand?
The lure of exotic places?  A love for the sea?

Whatever your reasons are for working on a ship and if you from Canada, this website has all the information you need to land a cruise ship job.

From the author of Cruise Ship Jobs for Canadians, this site brings you an accurate account of cruise ship life and the positions available to Canadians. 

You will discover what documentation you need to apply; learn how to create a winning resume and what to expect when you get the job.

BEWARE of Cruise Ship Scams

One of the most important things to remember when looking for employment on a cruise ship is that you should never pay a fee to find or secure a job.  In fact, according to the International Transport Workers Federation of Seafarers,  requesting advance payments for work on ships is prohibited under international maritime conventions.  

Legitimate agencies and cruise lines do not request payment to secure a job, nor do they offer a job without carefully examining your experience through an interview.  So please, please, please never pay, transfer or wire money for any job opportunity.

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